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Old WiPs and Practices

Every photo has its own little description.

Wouter kroon img 5736

Felt inspired, only came this far

Wouter kroon img 4311

Never got around to do the top half as well

Wouter kroon img 2899

Very early WiP of a dropped project

Wouter kroon img 7242

I had a shape in mind, but couldn't figure it out. This WiP is as old as time itself.

Wouter kroon img 5738

Very early WiP of my Foxhound. Mainly kitbashing at this stage. The finished result is in my portfolio.

Wouter kroon img 7053

Some silhouette practice. I still really do love this one and might use it in the future.

Wouter kroon img 7068

Some more silhouette practice, originated from an abandoned WiP

Wouter kroon 0bf34148 a211 42a0 ad08 3b3519c724af 5345 0000040edbcebe25 tmp

Trying to get the shape right and figure out which magazine placement suited it best. Top left was mainly for fun as it looked overly Chinese.

Wouter kroon img 4999

A shape jumped in my mind and I kinda ran with it. I ended up dropping this WiP because it's nothing special.

Wouter kroon img 1513

Here I was trying to design a new body while keeping the original Steyr AUG internals in place. This project got dropped because the client canceled it for reasons on his end.

Wouter kroon img 9394

Started out by combining a SCAR with a M98B. Never got around to finishing it.

Wouter kroon img 9395

Another example of what happens when I got a sudden rush of inspiration. A 15 minute thing that is collecting dust in my WiP folder.

Wouter kroon img 8873

This one is fairly recent. They were doing a bullpup Russian design contest in a community I'm part of. Unfortunately for this (rather potentional) one, I thought 3D was more fun and challenging and I didn't go back to it yet.

Wouter kroon img 2295

Also old as hell; an SMG variant of my Jaguar AR. Which reminds me I haven't posted the Jaguar here on ArtStation. Hmmm.

Wouter kroon img 9396

Quick idea, ~15 minute kitbash. I do like it though.

Wouter kroon img 7953

Destiny inspired anti material rifle, made for Christian Groß. Originated from an SVT-40 body kit concept.

Wouter kroon one

Silhouette practice to get to a design my friend Christian Groß actually liked. He was looking for some specific design elements but couldn't put his finger on it. Here's how we came to the end result, which he modeled a while ago.