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XL5 Prototype Assault Rifle

This rifle was designed with the British Rifle Trials in mind, which took place many years ago, starting in the 1950s and 1960s. 
This was also the first time using Procreate 4, in conjunction with Photoshop later on in the project. 
I must say though, Procreate is a very intuitive, quick and powerful tool to do the rough work.
-Alternate history background information- 
The XL5 dates back to the early 1950s, when an ambitious programme to develop a new cartridge and new class of rifle was launched in the United Kingdom based on combat experience drawn from World War II. 
Earlier versions included 3 iterations that never left the drawing board, and one that endured 43 malfunctions in a 100 round test. 
The last version produced, the XL5, was chambered in .280 British and completed the test phase without any malfunctions. 
Unfotunately, when NATO adopted the 7.62×51mm NATO rifle cartridge as the standard calibre for its service rifles, further development of these rifles was discontinued.

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